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Authentication delay

Hi Adam.
I saw a strange thing today.  I realised that although the family have been in and out of the garage, it hasn't sent me any text messages.  I had a look into it and it seems that the authentication delay in not 20 seconds, but something much longer, maybe even infinite.
I have the Arm / Authentication time set to the default 20 seconds,   the zones I checked had the multipler set to 1x so should have waited 20 seconds before tripping the alarm.  I saw the following in the log,  as can be seen the system alarm doesn't occur.  
I reset the multiplers back to 0x and the alarm works instantly as expected.  The log below shows that 40 seconds has expired after the zone trip,  but it didn't trigger the system alarm.  I disarmed the system at 16:14:38 with a key.

46. 10:00:43 Wed 28.10.2020 Group 1. Garage armed.
47. 16:13:58 Wed 28.10.2020 Zone 1 Garage PIR alarm.
48. 16:14:38 Wed 28.10.2020 Key #1, linked to champson disarmed.
49. 16:14:38 Wed 28.10.2020 Group 1. Garage disarmed.
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Re: Authentication delay

Hello Charles,

it is strange. But let me maybe first clarify Arm / Authentication time.

When group is armed, zone should be tripped at any circumstance immediately, in web interface you can see it as "Last alarm" timestamp. This triggers two independent actions.
1. Event is sent to logger, then logger check if alert needs to be send (SMS, ...).
2. Event is sent to Alarm Event Threads. One of these threads will check zone Authentication time * multiplier. if 0 alarm event is created. If > 0 then this thread sends a message to all authentication units in zone's group and allow user to authenticate for given number of seconds.

So did you hear the authentication unit beeping? requesting authentication?

Can you check the debug console, if there is some messages?